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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - old lemonade in a new glass !!!

Past few days go anywhere in the city and you had a dashing, serious looking Aamir Khan staring at you from various billboards.  The promos of his tv show was one of the best I have ever seen, very teasing :).  So 6th May like everybody else, yours faithfully Suku also sat in front of the tv sipping the delicious Kadala Pradamanum made by her mother.  Saw the show, was very impressed there were goose bumps all over by the time it ended and also it gave me and my mom a new topic to discuss through the day.  

This morning social media was all about Satyamev Jayate and I am not surprised at the number of people who disliked the show.  Because it is a typical human behavior, when somebody else is doing something which you only think of doing the immediate reaction is to slander that person and his actions.  As for me I have liked and disliked the show for few reasons... 

It is not a hidden fact that AK does not distance himself from social causes and also his ability to speak his thoughts fearlessly is always appreciated (& that includes naming his wishful dog SRK).  His association with the tourism industry in India (athithi devo bhava) I totally loved it.  So it is only fair that I like the fact that AK has used his stardom again to create an awareness among the people about issues that are a social bane.  This program has also tried to change the notion that tv is only filled with drama crap (well!! maybe not entirely).  It is something similar to political parties using stars to attract crowds at election rallies.  AK has done the same thing, used his public fame to reach out to people of this country on much more important issues that we are facing than what brand sandals a certain Didi is wearing!!

Having said that I have my reservations to the show.  First things first, the name of the show 'Satyamev Jayate' has Satya in it... means truth.... and I doubt that in this show.  Knowing AK to be a perfectionist I am sure he must have read those abortion stories atleast 10 times if not 100.  He must have also met these women and talked to them before airing the episode.  If that is the case then why did he shed tears in the show.  I mean come on practically you heard it more than once already, you could have been more composed when you were hearing it for the umpteenth time while shooting for it.  Tells me that was just a show... even if he had not shown off crying, people would still have believed him.  

I also doubt that AK's show has not really spoken about the real problem.  In the 1.5hrs long show I would have liked to hear about the real problems than watching Mrs. Ambani and her stylish jewellery.  I fear this program will just become a Sunday habit like Ramayan or Mahabharat and nothing more than that.  End of each episode people will have goose bumps thats it.  This is just a new craze after Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and Sachin's 100th 100 !!! We all will like the fb page of this program, congratulate AK on his performance and one day this series will end and so will the new candy we are sucking.  No matter how many facts are shown on cameras and in sting operations nothing will change unless we have a strong spine in our Judiciary.  

It took these mothers who came on the show more than 1 abortion and tremendous mental & physical torture to take some action, do you think people like us who have not undergone anything will take any action just by watching this tv program ? Nevertheless this is a good show, appreciate the efforts being put in and really hope by the end of this show I become more optimistic and write a new post on how tv shows can challenge the Judiciary!!


  1. i do have one doubt... by placing these women in such a national forum while their cases are still sub judice, aren't you deliberately influencing the verdict in their favour ? I dont deny they deserve justice.. just whether this does not have a legal issue to it.

  2. My sentiments exactly. About his crying, about novelty of this show being bragged about

  3. sukuuu am backk to blogger :D

    ok now abt the post, i do echo ur thoughts. Even i felt that in spite of being promoted as a powerful tool to bring about a change..the show wont be able to stir much into the conscience but Aamir i feel is not to be blamed ( at least he used his stardom for a good cause and i appreciate that) ..its in us that d fault lies. what cause Anna and his campaigns do at the end?
    lets just be optimistic. And the good part is thank God there is something different to watch on TV if only for a single day in a week. Am so dead bored of sasu ma's and their saris :P


  4. I did not watch the show but I saw glimpses of it late night. AK needs to be applauded for raising voices for the social issues but I thought the show will be more hard hitting. And as you said, will it really cause a difference? Will AK's voice reach the remote villages where female foeticide is still rampant. If it does then yes, his show is really a success, else it will be just that, a show...

  5. i was goin to search for a review of this program.. everyone is posting on fb about it.. i have to watch it once to see if he is really targeting on social issues rather than publicity.. i like to watch other serials like crime patrol which is truly dedicated to make everyone aware of the crime happening around us.. i hope this shd also suffice..

  6. SuKu your Post Title says it all!!! so Apt, Many south Indian tv Shows have aired such social issues on tv But none of it was so much advertised and not every host of that show did Cry like this!
    Anyways even I have double thoughts on this show exactly as you told!

    As u very well said, just like every other show even this show will end and our candy will ;) but then AK's movie will be super duper hit!

  7. I don't expect a show to change India overnight but I appreciate that he is making something sensible. And I read that a bill against Child Abuse is passed. So, the show is doing its bit for the society. BTW, I cry when I watch the show and Sundays have become official cry day for me.

  8. Yes, as you said I appreciate AK for his support to such social causes, he is doing it with a selfless heart. Really good initiative. As far as the shedding tears, Hmm, may be that was just for the initial promo, coz what you say is reasonable.

  9. Well I like the format of the show...and I can't stop myself from shedding a few tears everytime I see an episode...I applaud Aamir for what he is doing and I am really hopeful that it will lead to a change...We r paranoid probably bcoz of the past but then one can't stop trying bcoz of that...I am and will always remain hopeful about changing our country.

  10. You have mentioned some interesting points to think about for everyone...:) I firmly believe that unless we all as individuals change no judiciary, no police or no program can do anything.

    I loved the show, it may not bring a change but it will surely bring a change in peoples thinking. If 100 people are watching the show I believe atleast 1 person will try to make a change in whatever way it is possible.

    I would like to look at it in a different way. Forget about Aamir Khan, forget about the show...just see what is the issue that is being discussed & if we feel stringly then we as individuals should try to do something. So it does not matter whether AK's show or someone else.

  11. The way the show is going now.. and the administration is taking up the social causes just because of the show.. I think we live in such a lame society...I hope all this fun filled justice issues don't come to an end as soon as the show ends...


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