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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An open letter to my unborn son

I am a strong believer of the notion that power, stature, responsibility & fame should not be bestowed upon someone based on the placement of chromosomes.  When we grow up into adults we fight for equal rights for females.  This fight is more or less for ourselves.  When we look back into our childhood many of us would realise, that how our parents who infinitely talk about female rights somehow or the other distinguished their sons from their daughters.  Today many women do not change their surname after marriage, infact they just add their husband's surname to their existing name.  

This action basically just questions, as to why would women abandon their father's name after marriage if men are not expected to do the same.  Till recent times it was considered a bold step, but now looks like most of us are doing it.  But it is surprising to notice that these women who valued their existing surname and refused to change it to prove that men & women can be treated equally, are the ones who would buy only pink towels for their daughters.  Why I ask?  Are we not then drawing this line immediately at the time of our child's birth itself ?  I recently wrote an article on this issue which was published in the TOI, sharing it here... An Open Letter to my Unborn Son

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  1. Awesome Suku, Loved it!!! Excellent post. Hats off!!! keep writing

  2. The article was hard hitting and to the point. Gender is no criteria to fsvor someone over the other! All along the article you have given instances oh how families in india treat thier children differently.( the fish one was hilarious!)

    There is this ad for unicef wrt gender discrimination. It highlights one of the poems in the hindi text book, where the main intetention was to teach 'mataras' but the poem was so biased, that the unicef guys have rightly picked that up.

    I am quoting few lines here:

    ram kheer kha!
    sita kaam kar!
    Bhuavn pathshala ja!
    Shishak se pad!
    Geeta pani la!
    Pitaji ko khana de!
    madan bhagiche mein khel
    meena maa ki madad kar!

    varsha se chali aa rahi Shiksha ke iss patyakram ko dhyan se dekhiye, shayda kuch badlav ki zazorat hain!

  3. Hey just read this. Awesome I must say.
    All son-in-waiting in the world should be told this for sure :)

  4. surprised to see no comments here.. read the article and totally agree with your views. The male child shouldn't take everything for granted and conversely, the female child shouldnt be taken for granted either. Pseudo steps like retaining the maiden name mean nothing if the overall actions remain in the old mindset.

    A good article.

  5. lovely!!!!
    specially the investment part...
    Keep going

  6. Well said Sunita..I am sure many of us think that way.It is our generation's responsibility to ensure that the old 'traditions'stop right here.I feel nice when my 13 year old son cooks for his sister and her gang of girls while they burn the midnight oil for studies.I feel reassured when she guides him in other worldly matters so important at their level.
    Sigh !If I am not around,plates dono nai uthhate..there I have failed :/

  7. @sharmila: kudos to u gal :)wish more and more mothers become like you :) :).. and dono plates nahi uttathe .. well!! u know then they are being kids :D :D..

  8. This is the first time I read some thing like that. I like the way you have expressed. Happy to come across ur blogs.

  9. Kudos to you Sunita. Really liked your style and delivery here. But more importantly the points you raised were spot on!!! :-)

  10. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for this superb piece of writing and I wish every mother or mother in waiting thought the same way as you do! The world would be a better place!!

  11. this was an amazing one...right to the points with no frills!

  12. Oh Wow. You had written the article? I had earlier read the article and was even telling my mom about it. I did not look at who had written the article. Wow. A surprise for me i guess. Anyway this distinction has always been there. It starts from the way the parents treat their children and slowly the male child sees what is going on and starts taking advantage.

    Wonderful article Sunitha. :-)

  13. Thank you every one for your kind words :)humbled :)

  14. And congrats on completing a year!! Keep it up :-)

  15. Great article Suku, btw couldn't help but notice the amount of outraged janta on TOI website for your piece, kya hoga hamara !


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