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Friday, July 13, 2012

Have we all lost it completely ??

Just returned from a wonderful trip and the first thing I read was about the Guwahati molestation.  As though reading that was not enough I went to check out that video, and I was numb with what I saw!!

She looked to me as a little girl, maybe just 15-16.  The hooligans who were stripping her clothes & beating her were all laughing and enjoying to the core.  I could not believe that this was really happening.  This was being done on some main road where a lot of traffic was moving by.  The hooligans were enjoying themselves and there was not a single person trying to help that girl.  Never mind what the matter was, but a young kid was being molested on the streets and no body actually went ahead to help her!!!

Instead someone decided to go ahead and record the whole incident.  Ofcourse the video has been helpful in identifying the criminals but how does someone not muster up courage and save the girl and instead records it.  Is that the best a human being can do?? If there was a group of 20 people who were molesting her couldn't there be another 20 people who could form a group and help her??  She was in a pub probably drinking is that the reason people left her on her own?? I am sure that every parent who watched this video must have had a little crunch in their hearts.  

What is wrong here?? Is it because of the pub culture these things are happening?? In that case we have lot of cases where groups have molested girls who were not even in the remote area of a pub.  How come the pub did not check her ID for her age proof before letting her in ?? These people who were doing this crime knew fully well that they were being recorded, because on occassions they asked the girl to show her face on the camera.  What gave them so much confidence?? Did our Judiciary breed that courage?? It takes ages for a judgement to come through so have these guys used this?? 

Kiran Bedi tweeted this morning that pubs attract lust & holy places attract peace.  She probably has not heard about devdaasis or the young boys who were molested in churches.  But on a second thought is she partially right by saying that pubs attract lust?  Will putting a control on such kind of a night life help?  Do we need a Dhoble in every city now?? Is aping the west proving to be fatal to India??

So many questions and can there ever be an answer??


  1. so many points to answer here :
    1. At some level, I empathise with the cameraman... unlike in the movies Bollywood shows us for decades, in reallife, you cant escape alive if you go to fight 20 people alone. As to why 20 more didnt come to defend her, well.. sadly, when have you known us to ever stand up for whats right ? It might sound sad as a question, but its a fact.

    2. What gave them the courage ? The mob factor again. An individual would run if caught on the street doing this... but as a mob, they all were confident she wouldnt know Hari from Harry. And yes, the fact that there is no severe punishment for this gave them the brazeness we all witnessed.

    3. I find Kiran Bedi's remarks in poor taste. It isnt the place, but the people within it that define it. Don't thefts occur in temples and gurudwaras regularly ? Alcohol loosens inhibitions, but lust ? And is this lust - what we saw on TV was not lust, it was 20-30 people regressing into animals. I'm pretty confident they werent all drunk. They were just waiting for a victim and took the opportunity.

    4. Do we need a Dhoble ? Well, Dhoble imperative is that he's following the law. By the law, what we saw on TV is a bailable offence... as in, the culprits get in, pay cash and walk out normally. No, we need a stronger law.We need to put the fear of God into these animals.

    5. As for aping the west, well.. another news article today tells of how a village in UP has banned all women below the age of 40 from leaving their house alone, they cant show their faces in public and naturally, no love stories allowed. Truth is west or no west, Male Chauvinistic Pigs will remain Male Chauvinistic Pigs.

  2. Seriously yaar...don't they have mothers or sisters...they are psychopaths and should be hung...no other punishment is apt for them....A normal person cannot do that...they are abnormals..don't have words to express my anguish...And this is not one off incident...these things seem to be spreading...first it was girl on new year's eve at gurgaon then the MLA who married for second time and now this...m ashamed that I live in same country as them..

  3. well, if pubs n night parties are the sole reason for such fateful incidents then why similar incidents happened during sunlight in Delhi and couple of other cities of India....can someone ask Kiran Bedi...:???

  4. Yes SuKu seems like such questions will never be answered!!!

  5. Its sad..on one side we have a corrupt police force and Government,and on the other we have people who have grown too used to ignoring all the things that happen around them..I can't really say that I'm any different..

  6. this incident just shows that we are a different version of Taliban....

  7. Hmm... I felt terrible when i saw this.. http://varshas-diary.blogspot.com/2012/07/is-india-safe-for-women.html

  8. what is wrong is simple WE.. the people . WE ARE WRONG...

    we do nothing , we shout we shriek for a day or if lucky maybe a week and then wait till the next things happens ..

    WE need to change ourself.. and especially those who stand and WATCH THE SHOW..

    Open letter to all Indians -Bikram's

  9. Utterly disgusted. And about what Kiran bedi said, well you rightly pointed out. People like that dont really see if it is a temple or a pub do they? And you know, how they still conitued even when the cameras were on. Didn't matter to them, ebcause they also are very aware of how justic is done in our country!

  10. and now to know that the entire incident was staged by Newslive to increase TRPs at the cost of a teenager's life is even more disgusting!!


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