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Monday, August 13, 2012

Remember: Not to Forget!!

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My mother has a mobile phone. No this is not a post about people having mobile phones, it is not a novelty anymore, especially after the UPA government has promised free mobile phones worth 7000 crores to people living below poverty line.  No they have not said anything about the electricity required to charge the batteries of these phones :D :D :D.  Coming back to my mom's mobile phone, she has no idea how to save a number in the directory, and we have not bothered teaching her because then she will press some button and something else will happen.  So she still maintains her good old, maroon coloured small pocket diary.  So what happens when she has to dial someone?  You must be imagining my mom wearing her glasses looking for the diary and then dialing up the number...NO.. she remembers them perfectly.. and dials it right :D :D, even my Stockholm number with the ISD code :) :).  

 I have not taken it from my mother.  I cannot remember a thing.  This evening my MIL asked me if I remembered the home number, or her mobile number, or Ritchie's mobile number.. and I said no, I don't.  I am not carrying a mobile nowadays, so she is just worried that I might want to call someone and I don't even remember the immediate family members' phone numbers.  So yes starting tomorrow I am going to memorize them and hopefully I will succeed.  But the phone numbers are not the only issue and I am not new to forgetting things.  I have a bad time with roads all the time.  Four years in the same college and whenever I did not have my regular company of friends to go to college I would always return home from the station.  Not that I was in love with my friends, it was just that I wouldn't reach college then!! I know I could have asked for directions and all, but somehow returning home was the easiest option for me :D :D

I remember while in Chennai, I was working on Mt. Road and living in Alwar Peth.  I used to ride to Mt. Road everyday.  I used to mark the road by the huge banner ads put up on the street.  For eg. I knew I had to take a left from the banner which showed a 'Pothi's' Ad and ride straight in between some green coloured houses, so on and so forth.  So one morning in my usual style I started off.  At the signal, I looked for the 'GRT Jewellers' Ad and to my horror it was not there.  Just then I realised there was this stupid drive to pull down all the huge banners blocking vision on roads on Friday.  And today was Monday, the authorities had worked overtime or what?? O_O.  Anyways not finding the banner I parked my vehicle just below those iron railings, where the banner was supposed to be, and called my friend Indu in office.

Me:   Dee I am stuck here how to come to office?
Indu:  Stuck means? where are you?
Me:   At this signal near Saidapet, there was a banner from which to take right no..that is not there :(
Indu:  Why ? are you planning to bring that banner alongwith you to the office?
Me:    Paavi I don't know where to take the turn now
Indu:  Where are you standing now?
Me:    Right below where that banner was
Indu:   So you are at that place only no...why do you need that banner to take right...just take right...do you have to place some offerings to that banner... (she sounded really irritated now)

With wide eyes of a cat who was lost, looked right and yippeee there was THE right turn :D :D How Indu reacted after I reached office cannot be posted publicly :/

But marking roads like this, happens when I am on my own.  When I am with someone else I am least bothered to even look which side and where we are going, as long as we reach the destination, it really does not matter O_O...that btw is SuKugyaan note it down...very precious :D.  I usually get into auto rickshaws only after fully being convinced that the driver knows exactly where I want to go.  And once I am in the auto I pick up my phone and give that auto number and the driver's name to someone in the family (preferably someone who can remember it) and that too as loudly as possible so that the driver hears it, just incase  he has any intentions of kidnapping me, he would know that it is not easy (another SuKugyaan :D :D).  

If you think it is only about roads, hold your breath I cannot even remember my own street at times.  Few months back in Stockholm, I walked into this building and tried to scan my keys to open the entrance gate.  I kept holding the key to the scanner but then the door refused to even budge.  Thankfully, another person who lived there was trying to enter the building, and I asked him if I could enter alongwith him, since my key is not working.  He was suspicious and asked me if I lived there and once he confirmed, allowed me in.  Went onto the second floor and to my horror the name plate showed me a different name, obviously because it was not our house...forget the house.. it was not even our building!!!  Ran back into our street, found our building and what a relief when I scanned my keys and the door squeaked open O_O

So many instances like these, including one where I forgot my younger nephew's name and my sister got all pissed off!! You have no idea how much I thank my iphone now for guiding me everywhere...Google maps ki jai ho!! other things I just keep reminders now.... road directions are now stored in the notes of my phone..If it was not for the ever improving technology, I would be permanently in the lost & found department!!

Image Courtesy: Google


  1. hahahaha hilarious..!

    i o have some instants same as yours bt i remember the chennai roads very well.. bt i liked to be lost in the European streets and they come up with the surprises every time..

    lost near a TGV station in Paris and what i found a very famous gourmet shop.. so i like to be lost but i always remember my destination address. :) :)

  2. OMG....so, you are at your best when it comes to forget something......"ARE BHAI KUCH LETE KYUN NAHIN"....lols....but seriously forgetting at this level is something very rare to find in any species in this universe i think....:))

  3. Ayyo ayyo! That banner thing was beyond hilarious! :D :D :D

    I suck at remembering directions. Like you, if I'm going to a place with someone else, I will not for the life of me, remember the directions. Even if I've been there a million times. Only if I go alone, will I note the route and remember it later.

    And as for landmarks, I keep shops and bizzarely-coloured houses as marking points. So if a shop shuts down, or the owners repaint the house, I'll be well and truly lost. :p

  4. Hahaha quite a post this one. And the banner thing is something I do too. Unfortunately in Bangalore, the banners change every alternate day or shift places adding to more confusion.

    Always better to keep funny things as landmarks. Like a shop which says "Design hairdressers", "Spicy corner", "Bow fashions" etc. No, I'm not making those names up.

    And numbers! Sigh, what would we all do without a phone. I'd be completely paralyzed without mine.

  5. Super funny this one was . You sound exactly like my mother who is acutely directionally challenged.

    You could try to remember the names of shops/landmarks in the vicinity as opposed to temporary banners to find your way.

  6. I just came across your blog through indiblogger ,n btw this post is damn hilarious ,and i can relate to it because i have a habit of forgetting things but after knowing you i am gonna tell my mom ,see i am not the only one,there are people who deserve an oscar in this feild :D :D
    P.S - loved your sukugyan and i am following you :) :)

  7. Suku, I am your twin.
    Forget about other people's cell number, I dont even remember mine. I have to ask hubs. Finally he saved my number against my name, and I use that now

    All bank passwords etc, in an encrypted folder.

    And about roads. haha I was lost too one day, and when a friend volunteered to pick me up, I couldn't tell him where I was!! BTW I was a total rofl on that 'prasad chadane wala part' :-)

    and last one, my friend had a babay, and guess what I forogt the name. We finally called the baby as 'hamara bhanjha' :-P

  8. LOL..I am good with my bio-GPS is in order but I am terrible when it comes to matching names to corresponding faces :/ I shudder when I see a beaming relative approaching me with a "pehchaan kaun"smile pasted on his/her face.Many times I chat and leave without having placed that person in my memory at all!

  9. That was a hilarious read. Wonderful to read all those little funny adventures of yours sprinkled with nice humor. I too have had such encounters as I am not good with remembering directions either and use several markings to keep track of my directions. And when those markings go astray, all hell breaks loose. I agree.. technology has indeed made life easy in this respect. A very nice and breezy post.

  10. I am terrible with roads too!!
    And I need someone to draw roadmaps for me when I have to travel alone :P
    As a kid, I've forgotten which building I lived in. I'd get into a lift and realise it wasn't the same colour as my building's and get out :P

    Loved the post!!
    Brilliantly written! :D

  11. haha hilarious...It was fun to read this post and laugh, releasing in middle sometimes that i'm laughing at myself coz even i have got caught in same situations many times. ;)

  12. Hahaha, this forgefulness can lead to so many problems....luckily there is technology for every human handicap. :)

  13. Folks it is soooo good to know that I am not alone here :D :D...thanks for reading & ur comments.. luv you all :) :)

  14. Good lord.......... you certainly are my twin!! I have walked into other people's aprtments, into other cars, into other cabins in the office - you name it!!! Just loved the post!

  15. :) i had ot laugh at the wrong building ... but these days I think so much info has to go in our poor heads that it cant hold everything and seems ot forget what we dont use, often..

    my mobile phones have the whole lot , addresses , reminders , passwords I wonder what will happen if i lose it , that reminds me i should back up everything on the phone to someplace ...

    and roads , I am in a job where knowing where i am or where to go is very important but I must confess I am so baddddddddd... thankfully my partner is very very good ..


  16. Ha... Ha! I have had similar experiences too. I can completely empathise with you about the directions business- most often I do not or cannot locate a place. Ofcourse I do not remember any mobile number - I even got on a wrong car and it was only after noticing that the driver in question was not my husband that I jumped out!! Nice post!

  17. :( I posted a comment and it doesnt show up :'(
    Hifvie on this post lovely me too same nut case never remember roads. and I cant remember direction to any famous landmark or place in my very own place where I am born and brought up!!! but ok :D still have marked few direction to daily routes :D. oh!!!! forgetting address to your home!! you lady Einstein :D

    Lovely humorous post SuKu :D you make us LOL, Awesome is your writing :D Keep writing :D Kudossssssssssss

  18. I had similar discussion with my friend. Turns out, technology and smart-phones are making us a bit lazy and less smart..:-)

  19. yes technology does come as a savior for people like me.. thank you for your comments guys..what a bliss to know that we have a team here :)

  20. LMAO !!! Abhi kahan ho > Jahan wo banner tha... priceless :D
    Great post suku, kept laughing the whole time. You remind me of my wife, 3 years going to the same hospital and still had no idea about the other gates of entry.


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