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Friday, September 14, 2012

From Head to Toe...

Image: Google
Whenever I meet an old friend or acquaintance the excitement can be seen very clearly..yes I run & hug that person so bad that he or she would regret our meeting :D :D.  That is for people I have known, seen or met but behaving like that in front of total strangers I don't do it O_O.

I have met Raveena Tandon in flight once and I couldn't bring myself to even notice her, was busy with my head in my laptop working over some project.  No no I did realise that it was Raveena Tandon and hellooo I know who she is, but the excitement was only limited to 'wait till Sia (my sis) hears it' that's all! When in Chennai have seen Jyotika & Najma at Fab India, have seen quite a few celebrities in my gym and not to mention spotting actors quite often in discs & pubs BUT I did not fall at anyone's feet!!  Ya now you know what I am talking about... KBC.. I know AB has a lot of fans and admirers, some are even worshipers...but falling at his feet ..Seriously!! No don't tell me it is our culture and all ok...on roads we see lot of old beggars and throw some alms at them...nobody cares to touch their feet no?? Not talking about politicians here who I am sure will do it....but only for the sake of votes!!

As though falling at his feet is not enough, almost every contestant asks him to do something or the other on that stage.  This behavior reminds me of parents who ask their kids to perform in front of their guests..beta uncle ko 'twinkle twinkle' sunao o_O.  I really find it all so embarrassing.  AB can term it as love of his fans and all but for me that is one of the reasons not to watch the show regularly, another reason being that most of the questions on KBC I cannot answer & that in itself is very humiliating :D :D.  Even now the show is on air and I am typing this post :) :)

Image: www.cartoonstock.com

I do know quite a few influential people in the corporate world, whom newspapers talk about, have met them also..I do go weak in my knees but am never shaken by their presence.  Frankly I don't even boast about knowing those people but yes feel good when I do know that they know me and that too by my name :D :D.  Not that I underestimate the excitement of meeting someone whom you have seen only in reel life, but all this devotional worship types really gets to me.  Actually I think now even AB is getting used to all these people's excitement.  I am not sure, but I think it was the last season when for phone a friend thing he called someone..and said "mein AB bol raha hu KBC se" the man on the other side said "yes boliye".  AB could not believe that some one was not excited to hear his voice so there was a long pause before he started speaking again :) :)

But no matter how I feel or what I say... AB surely has the charm to get people mad around him :) :)


  1. Adulation is what keeps their persona alive Suku.The second pic is hilarious :D :D
    How have you been ? In India now ? Too many questions ..eh..

  2. I seriously second you. Celebrities are worshiped like Gods here. Not to mention that some of them, if they get to see our excitement, think that we are cheap or lesser mortals or whatever, as they elate themselves to a God like status. This is absolutely rubbish! I hug my friends and family, but never do I shriek at a celebrity sighting. If I were to spot people like AB or Sachin Tendulkar, I'd request gently to pose for a photograph though ;-) in a very poised manner of course !

  3. Scripted SuKu, everything is drama :D we like stupids believe it :D every single word and gestures they make is written and directed :D
    Let me tell you a shocking news :D did u know an entertaining participant by which I mean one who cries, makes AB cry, laughs and dances, all fun is kept longer for TRP by giving considerably easy questions :D ... how is this!!! and this info I got from an insider :D isnt this shocking!!!!! Damn with such things but good thing is hook or crook some get to make money which they wouldnt have dream off!!! :D nice write up and also by your post :D you seem to be super influential ;) dont be in shock if I hug u tight ;) if ever I get to meet you!!! :D

  4. Ha ha .. "Yes Boliye" would have sounded so coool !! :) . I don't understand the concept of autograph either. I mean you have his signature ? So what ? You can't possibly get any money out of his account with that, can you ? :)

    Nice post.

  5. :( I comment on every post of urs :( but none of my comments are visible whyyyyyyyy??? :(

  6. thanks for your comments people..glad atleast some of you agree with me :D :D

    @ramya: sorry dear was a little busy and hence the delay in publishing the comments :)

  7. Suku, first ROFL on that pic.

    Well if i would spot a celeb, I would ask for a autograph and get going. And if the bheed is just too much, I would simply get going. Ok we like to watch them on the big screen, but that's it. and about the beggar stuff, haha how cruel that is na. Hyprocites, ek ke liye sahi and dusre ke liye nahi!

  8. I never miss KBC, cos I love the thrill of trying to guess the answers as soon as the options are displayed on screen. But yes, it is really irritating when grown women/men just run and hug him and start hugging him like he is their "bro"!

    And OMG @ Ramya's comment above on the inside info!!!

    1. dunno how i missed to reply u john :(.. better late than never though :D ... irritating yes O_O

  9. KBC has become too much of a drama. The rest of it is the wish to be remarkable in front of the people we know. Classic inferiority complex trait.

  10. Ah.. Suku my celeb meter is very poor. I can rarely spot one immediately. But recently, I did spot Yesudas at Cochin airport. He was on my flight and we were on the same bus when off the flight on the way to the terminal. All through my wait for the suitacase my mind was working on how to approach the man for a photograph with me. By the time I had worked on an opening line he had left :(!

    1. hahahahaha.... poor you :P ... next time make sure you catch him :)


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