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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Imperfectly Perfect Marriage !!

As I write this post I am merrily gliding a super duper chocolate cake down that sinful throat of mine.  That is all that I have been busy with recently, eating and more eating, which would explain all the weight gain and indigestion.  Also have been very bacteria friendly lately, hence a lot of antibiotics which in turn ofcourse causing more stomach problems.  But through this spirits have been really high, and being at home with loved ones is the only reason.  Family seems so close when I am in India, not that we meet each other or talk to each other everyday, but maybe psychological for me, I feel they are literally close on calls for me :) :).  

Speaking of relationships we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday...yeah Ritunita 2yrs old now :) :).  It was a very nice feeling especially because we were celebrating it at home with MIL.  Our first anniversary was in Stockholm.  Still very much in love, very much best of friends and ofcourse growing up together is fun :) :)

I wouldn't say my marriage is 'perfect', actually I even doubt if there is such a thing as 'perfect marriage'.  As I have mentioned earlier in my posts we are opposites, extremely opposites.  The only thing we have in common is, both of us want a happy family.  Its like a team having the same goal but different ways to achieve it and yes you can apply all the team building skills you learnt during your MBA times here :D :D.  We never made rules or conditions during our marriage but yes mutually developed some with time, and ofcourse have changed them too :P :P 

Like for example, I remember someday after we were married in all the josh we had decided that no matter what we would not go to bed without resolving our fight.  But trust me when you are angry resolving a fight is the last thing on your mind.  It is a good idea to sleep over your problems and then like good children in the morning kiss and make up :D.  But yes we do go to sleep knowing that we love each other and tell each other that, it just makes it easier the next morning :) :).  Like just now The Bhartav walks in & gives a stare which I try to ignore and pretend as though I am writing an article for the Washington Post O_O.  Now he glances at the mess on the bed with papers, books and ofcourse the plate in which I had the chocolate cake and quietly cleans it up.  I know what is coming up next, a complete 20 minute class on how I should manage my time and the perils of eating on bed :P :P

When we were dating we often heard comments like, 'ya, ya everything is fine now...once you get married love will fly out of window'.  Then we got married and heard things like, ' the marriage is new na so everything is hunky dory, let a year pass then you will know the true pains'.  Well the year passed and so has another year, and so will another 100 years and I know we will still be the same, nothing will change :) :).  So yes Cheers to my 'Imperfectly Perfect Marriage' :) :)


  1. I agree with you on this. I heard the same thing post marriage that guys dont remain the same and they will take things for granted and life with them starts becoming a pain. However thankfully I dint see him change in any way in the past four years. Before that I spent three years knowing him so that makes it seven. Well if a person dint change in seven years, probably I shouldnt expect him to change for the worse in future.

  2. That is such a cute post and a even cuter picture! haha tell me about it. Strangely after all the anger cools down, the fight seems so ridiculous! A good night sleep is the best solution for all fights!

    And happy wedding anniversary. Here's to more 100 years :-)

  3. Congratulations! :)

    Wish you many more years of togetherness!

  4. Such an awesome post and such a lovely pic to sum it up... Wishing u a lifetime of happy memories :)

  5. i guess good thoughts come when eating CAKE :)

    congrats on the wedding anniversary..
    and you are right perfect marriage no one knows , rather I doubt if anyone knows what is perfect.. each one has their own way or say on it ..

    Good luck and all the best

  6. That is what each marriage generaly is, imperfectly perfect:) An enjoyable read!

  7. A house is built by hands..
    But a home is built by hearts!
    u can live without something..
    if u hav someone to live for!
    No greeting card to give,
    No beautiful flowers to send,
    No cute pictures to forward,
    Just a loving heart saying

  8. Lovely pic to a lovely post! A marriage is all about the imperfections and the way you fit yourself around them!! Happy 2nd and wishing many many more to come :-)

  9. hey Sunita...wish you a log and happy married life and god bless you both...If I am not wrong you have shortened your hair..looking cute...

    - Mukul

  10. Happy returns of the day. Wishing you many more of such wonderful years. And as you say "There is nothing like a perfect marriage" its the ups and downs that make it interesting.

  11. Hi, congratulations and sorry for the belated comment - I have just started reading your blog :) Thanks a lot for your frank and heartfelt post. Just around the time you were writing this post, I was getting engaged. As we look forward to our wedding next year, we also keep telling each other that "no matter what we would not go to bed without resolving our fight" . But, in the light of what you write, we might reconsider this :)

    1. Congratulations on your engagement Kaneenika :) :)... and trust me marriage is a very very beautiful thing .. I have learnt it from experience that you cannot carve down strict rules for it... yayyyay so happy for you .. you are getting married ♥


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