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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty-Thirteen - I Mean Business.

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It is the beginning of yet another year.  I was not awake to see the moment pass by, went to bed early sans celebrations.  Current news about the Delhi gang rape has affected me a lot.  No I did not do anything about it except tweet.  That increased the frustration level a lot more.  So yes it was a very quite bye to 2012, a year which was very kind to us.  It was indeed a very encouraging year.  By the time I woke up 2013 was already in, I don't remember if it was smiling at me or just staring, but it was here.  I don't have a very good feeling of this year.  I don't know why but there is a little scare inside me, which I cannot explain.  A fear that I do not understand why. It is as though I just want this year to be over asap.  Maybe it is nothing, maybe it is just because of my current state of mind but yes it does not look all that good to me.  As I write this post I just pray that come 1st Jan 2014 and I should be able to write a post which would describe how baseless my fears were and how wonderful 2013 has been, Amen!!

It's been a while I have made any new year resolutions. Remember 'resolutions' ? ya the same ones which we make and then break at dawn :P :P atleast I do that.  But I do know a lot of people who stick to their resolutions and make it work.  I personally think we make resolutions because we want to improve something, it means that there are things in our lives which we regret about and hence we want to correct them or atleast mostly this would be the case.  Yes I have resolutions like no desserts, which was immediately broken as soon as I went for a buffet lunch.  I usually start a buffet from the dessert section :(.  I remember one time making a resolution of not telling lies to my mom and being very open with her, which obviously did not work when I had to confess to her that I bunked classes & went for a movie without her knowledge :/ . So ya not very good with resolutions.  

But his year I did something without resolving to do it, I deactivated my FB account.  Yes I did and it's been only a day but I already feel nice and I am sure I will feel much better in days to come.  It is a temporary thing and I will be back, but only after I get back to my real life.  When I created my FB account, initially it was only to stay in touch with people and I liked the convenience it gave by allowing to share pictures with all your friends at the same time.  It was good till then.  But slowly facebook started taking more and more place in my real life and now I am left with really just a little space to sit, hence in a bid to save this little space and conquer more I decided to get out as quickly as possible.  When friends like my pictures or wish me birthday on facebook, it seems nice but off late friends who have my phone number too decided not to call and were just happy to wish me on facebook.  On my wedding anniversary one of our relatives who just stay one block away from us just wished me on fb and I could not no matter how much I tried to, figure out why the hell did she not call and wish.  Infact she even met Ritchie that day but did not care to wish personally.  

It's been 4-5 months now that we are in India, friends around chat on fb, talk to us on phone but haven't found the time to get together for a dinner or tea.  Remember those good old times when going out with friends used to be so much fun? yes I miss all of it.  I am not blaming others, I also have so much to complain about myself.  It has become so difficult for me to talk to people on phone or personally, I just prefer sending them emails or messages on fb, which is sooooooooooo not me.  I used to be fun and center of any get together but now I hardly like to be around a crowd, thanks to all the time being spent on my virtual life! Deactivating fb is just a start, there is a lot more to do, and I really hope I am able to do it.  There is a lot of regret from 2012, I have wasted the entire year and that is such a shame.  I really want to work towards using 2013 to my benefit.

Wishing you all a very very happy 2013 and hope to see you all more often on this page...have fun guys :) :) 


  1. Happy new year to you! I had deactivated my fb account in the early months of 2012 and still going strong :-)

  2. Yes, I too have not-such-a-good-feeling about 2013. I went to bed early and dint celebrate the new-year's eve.
    Wow, you really deactivated your FB account? I spend a considerable amount of time on these social networks but usually to check on my friends whom I cant meet personally. Anyway I am a person who looses contacts with friends very easily. So for me FB has helped to keep in touch with friends. I guess I am not a very social person in real life :)

    Happy new year dear :)

  3. Firstly a very happy new year to you. Hope this year brings you lots of happiness, God bless you...:) Deactivating FB is a very good thing...:) The irony is even though we have so many ways to communicate (FB, Twitter, email, sms...) yet people are feel more lonely.

  4. Social media did change the our life to a great extent. I am glad that you deactivated your FB account. I wish I could do that too.

  5. Sukuu.. its been a long time....great new year resolution, hope you are sticking to it..and yeah, I have had similar experience with FB; my aunt who have always called and wished me on ma birthday, this year decided to post on my wall!
    Happy new year :)

  6. Happy Happy New year SuKu, and wish you loads of success, good health, happiness and love in this 2013.
    About keeping up resolution :( forget it I just cant do and every word about FB is so true :( even I am addicted to it but just now dont want to take any action so not sure when dawn will raise upon me!!!

    All the best for everything you plan to do :D do well we are all there with you to listen to you

  7. Come on. Cheer Up. Facebook and Blogging will make you Feel Good. Just find a balance between your real self and virtual identity.
    Happy New Year
    Vikram Karve

    Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve

  8. Thats a step in the right direction (deactivating the FB)


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