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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Time Table: Not so Timed!

Those of you who read me must be thinking 'vow! a third post from her that too within a short period' :). I  don't blame you for thinking that, I am guilty of leaving my blog unfed for a long time, but that does not mean I was not writing.  I really don't remember who wrote this, and this may not be the exact quote, but it said something like this, 'If you like to write then you should write something each day, even if it is a suicide note'.   So even though I was away from blogging for a while, I did write (no not the suicide note :D).  Lately I realized that it was blogging that gave me my first audience, my first appreciation and a confidence that I can contribute to newspapers and magazines.  So yes I have been unfair.  But the good news is I have realized my mistake and I would like to rectify it.  I would like to 'promise' but then promises are really difficult to be kept in my world, so I will just say I am going to really 'try hard' and stay being disciplined about writing on this blog.

Some people do think they need an inspiration to write.  But for me to pen down I only need thoughts.  My thoughts are my inspiration.  I can take a pen and start writing just about anything.  My love for writing is such that, I remember in school I always offered to help friends to write their essays.  I could just scribble on anything.  I do lack one thing though, and that is discipline.  I have never been disciplined in my entire life.  Even as a student I really could never understand how some people just made timetables and stuck to them. I would usually get all excited about the 'making timetable' part of it, colour code it beautifully, stick it on my wall and promise myself that I will follow it.  The enthusiasm usually stuck around for two days.  If it ever reached the third day it would be a miracle.  But it never did so I have not seen a miracle :D.  Having said that I did score first class & distinction during my academic years, but my parents always thought I could have done more if I was disciplined.  

You need to be disciplined in every walk of your life.  Though it is ok to loose control once in a while, otherwise what is the fun, right?.  My MIL is the most disciplined person I have met so far.  It is not that she freaks out about things, but she does her stuff happily and all her work always finishes on or before time.  Her professional as well as personal life is so well maintained that I have to admit I feel very shallow of myself sometimes.  Usually during the closing weeks of the year, her office hours extend by about 1 or 2 hr, so that people can finish their work to help close the books.  I have to take pride in saying that, her boss usually asks her to stay back only to motivate the other employees because her work is always done on time.    She does not like staying in the office after work hours, and always is amused by why people have to stay back.  This whole thing of doing stuff on time and religiously is somehow mixed in her blood now.  I really admire her, have I learnt anything from her?  I doubt!

But last few days, this habit of mine has been haunting me.  I do waste my time a lot doing nothing.  And you know what happens when you realize something, it hurts & sometimes it hurts real bad.  I was hurting for the past two days, but now decided to do something about it.  Well this time there is no colour coded timetable, but a colourful zeal surely exists.  I am going to see how long it exists though.  All you guys, thank  you so much for sticking around, I really appreciate it.  Some have left though, makes me sad, but cannot blame them.  Hopefully they will return :) :).  


  1. I lack discipline too. And about writing, I can write like that as well however for few months I have been stopping myself from writing. It's beyond explanation at the moment. I will when the time is right.

    Also, congratulations for writing professionally. That is something that am yet to get a grip on. Just beyond me...

    And howdy? :)

    1. thank you :) and all good with me.. hoping to read more of your thoughts :)

  2. Hilarious :) So what did you cook for her? :p

    Time-table was exactly on my mind when I read this post. I need to discipline myself too. Marriage or US..one of them is spoiling me for sure.
    Good luck with all the books ...books are fun to read :)

    1. There was palak mutter which R had forced me to make thankfully :D :D

  3. I am able to see many of my traits. I dont need an inspiration to write. Most of my posts take just ten minutes to write, but I find it difficult to sit down and make time for it and then write. And yes, Blogging has given me the confidence that I'm probably a decent blogger and I can start contributing to places with a wider audience. Cheers Suku :-)

    1. yes absolutely you should... you are more than a decent blogger :) :)


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