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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

♥10 Life Lessons I Learnt From My Father♥

‘I am writing ‘10 life lessons I learnt from my father’ at Parentous.com

Father's Day Contest - 10 Life Lessons I Learnt From My Father
Image from the contest website

My dad, Papaa as I call him has never been the kind of person to sit and teach us lessons of life.  Trust me if he had any chance to sit with us, he preferred playing with us .  So we really had to look at his life, how he led it and how he managed it to learn any lesson.  There have been a lot of times we have learnt from his mistakes too.  But every time he wanted us to know that we are supposed to learn something he would just funnily nod .  The most important lesson in my life that I have learnt from my dad is brush away everything with a laughter.  Even death has it's share of comedy he would say, and true to that learning I somehow manage to look at most of the things in life with a pair of 'laughing glass 

As a part of this Father's Day Contest at Blogadda,  I have to list below 10 different things I learnt from my father.  Those who know my father, will understand when I say it is really a big job to JUST list 10 things...but I am going to try my level best. .

1.  ♥ Ignorance is Bliss♥  

I did not cry when I was born.  Delay could cause some neuro problems and dad didn't know that. Instead of worrying dad just beamed and said, "Of course she will not cry, she is my daughter!!"

2.  ♥Your mother-in-law is your best friend

When my mother announced she did not want to have another child, he got my grandmother (his mother-in-law) to defend his love for having more children & that totally worked..they ended up having 3 kids :D

3.  ♥Impart the right knowledge to your children

My parents told me that people with round bellies had babies in them.  I made sure that my entire school knew that my father was pregnant, because he had the round, big belly!!

4.  ♥Don't boast about what you have

My dad kept showing off his new golden tooth & boy was I impressed!!.  Asked him if I could have it and he refused, said he needed it to chew food.  "But then can I have it after you die, please" O_O.. (yeah that was me, wanting my father to die for a golden tooth)

5.  ♥Don't Drink (New Whiskey) and Drive

Dad came home one night, all bruised.  He told mom he had some new whiskey and couldn't hold himself and ran his scooter into a donkey.  While mom was all angry, he blamed it all on the new whiskey...said he will never try it again!!

6.  ♥It is important to say 'I Luv U'

Dad got all emotional and told mom on one of their anniversaries, how much she meant to him.  Mom apparently nagged him all night asking him if, his medical reports were ok.  She thought he was going to die and hence all the love talk :D :D

7.  ♥Don't wait for help to arrive

Night before a cousin's wedding the cook met with an accident and couldn't come.  While everyone was panicking, dad immediately took up the position and cooked for about 600 guests.  Everybody loved his food, but mom was embarrassed because now everyone thought dad cooked regularly at home too!!

8.  ♥It is ok to throw in your towel sometimes

One day immediately after his marriage while dad was staying overnight at his in-laws place enjoying the 'son-in-law' treatment, he saw two Scorpios at once.  All he could do was throw his towel on them because he had just come out of the shower and the demons were right in front of the bathroom door!!

9.  ♥Don't let others force their belief on you

In my school during parents' day there was a drawing competition for parents.  I knew my dad would lose because drawing wasn't really his forte.  I was prepared. The topic was to draw God.  When I saw my dad's paper all I wanted was for me to disappear somewhere; it was blank. I was not prepared.  He told my teacher, I cannot see God so how can I draw Him and won the first prize :) 

10. ♥ Make the best out of the worst

Mom was already mad that the maid who had promised to make 'Suji halwa' for prasad had not turned up.  So when dad offered to help and turned the halwa into a semi liquid 'something' we knew there was going to be war!!  But dad cool and calm put that 'something' into the fridge to set and then cut it out into barfis so now it was 'Suji Barfi'  :D..The SatyaNarayan God sure did not complain :D

Herez to my first love, the first man who wrapped me around his arms, the man who always made me feel secured, the man who finished my glass of milk  & never let my mom know, gave in to my demands every time I made a puppy face, my partner in crime, the man who taught me 'that the only reason life throws lemons at you is so that you can have a lemonade when you are tired' sip it and move on'.... 
♥ I love you Pappa thiiiissss much...  

Image Courtesy:  Google search

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  1. Awww..so cute :)

    I like the way you have portrayed your pappa's ..err can I call it misdoings, into valuable lessons :) and I love the hilarious tone of this whole post.

    All the best Suku :)

    1. thank you :).. well what do i say had to do justice to my big man's nature :D :D

  2. Awww...such a sweet post. The first point was the sweetest of all, in a that little statement that he made are concealed all those sweet fatherly emotions. :)

    1. thanks :).. sure it is.. he is the most adorable teacher I have ever had :)

  3. You have listed the most valuable lessons of life.

    Note to self - Must try new whiskey :D

    1. hehehe thank you :) Tcha!! that is how 'whisky' is spelled?? see that is why I love 'wine' easy to spell :D :D.... corrected it now :)

  4. Adorable post! Best of luck for the contest!

  5. Such an adorable post and loved the way you have listed out the things that you learnt from your dad's mistakes. Your dad sounds just awesome and also loved the little hugging faces in the end :)

    1. Thank you Prasanna :) :).. he is absolutely fantastic :)

  6. I cannot describe in words how much I loved ur post. Suffice to say that I feel like i know uncle quite a bit already!! I hope and pray u win the contest cz u truly deserve it! Lv u!! xx

    1. Thank you Misha :)... when I started writing I really really wanted my post to win... but u know after I finished writing I realized that winning really didn't matter... I was just happy recounting the memories :)

  7. Couldn't stop laughing. BTW, that's a super reason, can't see God. And for the 6th point, whenever Alok is extra sweet with me, I know, he is about to deliver a bad news. He prepares me for that :D

    Loved reading this post, the family fun and the smileys :)


    1. glad you liked it :)... trust me b4 he got that prize all I wanted to do was run away and never show my face to my friends :D :D after that i was such a show off :P

  8. Hilarious. ROTFL :)
    Your post motivated me to write one about some conversations with my father which taught me this: "travel where you like, marry who you want, but get back home on time" :)


    1. well I am glad you liked it Kaneenika :) :) I like what your dad taught you :D :D

  9. This is wonderful. I like the scorpions one :) and te one with God. Ur dad sounds amazing


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