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Friday, June 14, 2013

Be Bold Stay Real!!!

The minute you hear that someone is 'Bold', what comes to your mind is someone rash, fear free and in all probabilities someone who breaks all the rules.  In simpler terms, someone who does not care about what the world thinks or how it reacts.  It is like these people are not trying to please anybody in this world, except for themselves.  This would make us feel that they are self centered people, while that might not be correct entirely, but yes to an extent these people do think about themselves first but in a good way.  We are talking about such people, people who are real because of their boldness, people who influence the society around them because they are bold and stay real.  

Just yesterday I read an article which mentioned that Debenhams has vowed to remove the 'air brush effects' from their models.  This picture actually surprised me.  I was aware that some editing work happens, but I was certainly not aware that it was done to such an extent. 

Pic Courtesy: Mail online 

Hence in a world where people will pay and do anything to get a size 'zero' effect, it feels like a cool breeze when you find someone who flaunts their curves graciously.  Bollywood or any other movie industry for that matter thrives on the lines that a female actress should be thin.  And they do what not to achieve this, from eating only fruits to eating nothing.  No wonder we have so many cases of anorexia in the glamour world.  But then comes Vidya Balan.  I read in one of her interviews that she loves food, and she could never go on a diet.  She was always ridiculed for being fat and ofcourse wearing the Indian Traditional Dress, Sari every where she went.  She never compromised on her thoughts and always said that staying fit & healthy is more important than being skinny and fainting all over the places.  She always said she believed that hard work and sincerity will get her the success.  And did she make it or what??? .. We all know the success trials of her movies The Dirty Picture, Paa, Ishqiya, Kahani and the list goes on.  Suddenly after her success the entire media who always ridiculed her for her dressing sense and her curvaceous figure, were all praises about her. They started complimenting her for her looks and the way she dressed.  This was a complete 360° turn in her favour.  She recently was at the Cannes Film Festival and though there were bricks being thrown at her in India for dressing up in a traditional attire at an International Festival she was highly appreciated and complimented on at the Cannes.  No amount of media pressure or fashion policing forces her to do stuff that she does not believe in.  

Pic Courtesy: Google search

It is not only the film industry that benefits from bold and real ideas.  To accept what you are, and embrace it to make it work in your favour is something which every section of the society can use.  One such example is from our Corporate World.  We have always witnessed lot of bold marketing and advertising ideas.  But one particular case has always won the first place in my study, and that is of Avis - the car hire service.  Everybody wants to be number 1.  Now if we want that position either, we should fight really hard and displace the other party from being number 1 or the other party must step down on its own.  What do you do if neither is in your favour?? The best is to just accept that you are number 2.  And that is exactly what Avis did.  They accepted publicly that they were No.2 and Hertz was No.1.  Doing something like this was very bold in my opinion.  I mean as a corporation you are telling the world that some other company is better than you.  It was a huge risk but Avis was being bold and real here.  Look at the way they positioned themselves, absolutely brilliant!! Customers were liking this genuineness of Avis and their effort to better their services.  The strategy is such a success that now Avis just sticks to being Number 2 :D :D

Pic Courtesy: Google Search

If you are uncomfortable you don't have to always follow the crowd.  If you believe in your thoughts then it is better to do things your way.  Just be true to yourself.  You will not really know the answer unless you have tired it.  I am really not able to point out what comes first, being Bold or staying Real... it is the same chicken and egg story :) :)...Is it because you stay real you are bold or is it because you are bold you stay real, guess each experience will give a different answer.  People will pull you down if you don't do it their way, they will not appreciate you, but remember once your boldness writes a success story then these are the same people who will use your name for centuries to come.  Why other wise would Steve Jobs a college dropout be invited to speak for the Commencement ceremony of a world renowned school Stanford.  Hear how the Dean is praising him, would he have spoken like this about Steve Jobs if Apple was not such a success and Apple would not have been a success if Jobs would not have had the boldness to turn, a half eaten Apple into a Multi million brand!!! 

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  1. I like how this post is so candid.
    Avis strategy is indeed tricky.
    The last para, bang on!! <3

    1. thank you Kinara :)yeah Avis sure took the risk for saying the truth :)

  2. Suku, this post is classic. There is a jhalak of that subtle Suku in this post.
    I don't know how to put that in words now. <3 Suku...this should explain it. :)

    Somehow, I can't write much now. Reading and writing on this topic has made me feel choked and am yet to come out of it.

  3. A very well meaning post that defines the need to stay original if one has to taste real success! Best of luck for the contest!

    1. thank you Rahul :) yes staying original is the key :)

  4. Vivid post ! Looks keep changing - I feel beauty it is not in the looks but the way we carry ourselves

    1. thanks Uma.. absolutely agree with what you said :)


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