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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Great Drive - Entry for Michelin Pilot Experience- A long awaited Family Trip ♥

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One fine, bored morning I terribly wanted to meet all my family members.  By ‘family members’ I mean my husband’s family.  Yes I am one of those blessed daughter-in-laws who makes all sort of excuses to be with her in-laws .  So on this day I called up my husband at office and this is the conversation that followed:

Me:  Bill please book my tickets to Bangalore.  I want to go and meet everyone there
Him:  How mean?? Why do you have to go alone?  I also want to go no?
Me:  Then plan a trip no!! All you three brothers have been talking about this trip...only talking..
Him:  Ok.  I am busy now, if you can call up everyone and plan then we will go ok.
Me: Ok.

Now see, the thing is I don’t like anyone challenging me, especially when they themselves have failed to do it!  So 10 hours and 100s of phone calls and emails to and fro, a family vacation was planned.  The first email was sent by RB aka Raju Bhaiya, who very conveniently distributed all the trip responsibilities among the other members and asked all of us to report to him (benefits of being the Big Brother).   Family from Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune were to arrive at the house in Bangalore.  Yes we are a ‘Bharat Darshan’ family, scattered everywhere in India .   Now you see why it was nearly impossible to plan a trip!! But by God’s Grace it just became possible.   

We all reached Bangalore the same day, night and evening according to our respective flight timings.  The highlight of the trip was our sweet bua (aunt) who joined us with her husband even though that she was not well, my MIL’s joining in which we kept as a surprise till the last minute and our dress code (white tops for women & yellow for men) which was designed by the son-in-law of the family (Uday). 

After submitting ourselves to pure gluttony because of the sumptuous meal prepared by our bhabhi, we started our trip to The Serai-Bandipur the next day morning.   We took a private hired luxury bus and the 6-7 hrs of road trip was pure fun.  We had two singers in the group, my husband and his sister the rest of us decided to ‘croak’ and call it ‘singing’ .   We played ‘Dumb Charades’ and laughed uncontrollably when we gave names like ‘Nagin’ & ‘Vinashak Dhoom Ketu’ to the other team when their player was RB (yes yes the same Raju Bhaiya, we just went on a revenge spree).  The pictures below will speak for itself why this trip is the most memorable trip for me ♥♥♥

Entire Famliy from Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore 

                           The bus fun fare & making up teams  

Two sporty ladies who wore pants for the first time probably♥♥

       Relishing Breakfast at the Kamat Restaurant on our way 

This was RB's first birthday with the whole family after Kashmir Migration also the first time he was getting a choc facial 

Teen Bahuraniyan 

Yes we have our own beautiful family mermaids 

Saying Good byes  till we all meet again ♥♥♥

When NRIs visit their homes on a month long holiday, they have 100s of things to do.  And it is really difficult to meet family who live in different cities.  This 4 days vacation for us was an unexpected, blissful miracle ♥♥

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  1. WOW! It must be real fun. Lucky you! I love the concept of same t-shirts. How cool is that!

    Good luck Suku :)

    1. Thank you Saru :) .. yeah that dress code was just superb... it just bought a lot of spirit to the whole trip :D ... Udayji is really very creative :)

  2. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing a piece of your family with us. You've been nominated for an award on Growing Up Madison. I'm not going to make it easy for you. Go check it out. :)

    1. Thank you very much :) .. and I am so humbled by that award...you are very generous :) .. thank you very much

  3. Wow!! That's an awesome vacation. I liked the colour coordinated T shirts. Dumb charades is our fav game too... while Nagin must have been easier to interpret. Vinashak Dhoom Ketu must be tough... did the other guess this one?? :)

    1. yes it was a really a wonderful trip :).. no, they did not guess it :D :D

  4. Lovely Family..!! Seems you had a great time.. Love the white and yellow t shirts.. It's so difficult these days to spend time with the family.. I am glad you all found out time to spend some quality time.. So thrilled to Meet my in laws after reading your post .. It's been six months we all didn't met but I guess we should get inspired by you all how you managed to find time.. Looking forward to your next post.. Keep writing..!!

    1. Thank you Priya...yes we had a gr8 gr8 time :) :) .. and yeah the t shirts were the hightlights actually :D :D .. hope you have a superb time with your family too.. :)

  5. wow!! Must have been really fun and good that you guys could manage it at a short notice :)

    1. oh ya just a superb trip and everyone hopped on the next available flight :D

  6. Lovely! Hope you have many many many more trips like these. :)

  7. Beautiful trip! Even more beautiful family! You're blessed, Suku. I remember the kind of nuisance my relatives made, when they were asked to attend my sister's wedding. Didn't want to leave their work and stuff for even a 2-day trip to attend a wedding in the family! And that's when they'd all been informed about it 6 months before, so that they had enough time! :) It was such a traumatic experience for us that I promised myself they'd never be a part of my wedding! That's also the time when Dad and I decided to part ways from them and relocated to Jaipur. Reading this post gives me hope that not all relatives are bad. :)


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