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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Day #24 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge...you can read my other posts for the Challenge here :)

♥♥♥ First things first..... my cartoon strips made their Professional Debut today here at this site & this is how I feel  please comment there on that site and let me know what you think of it.. not only the cartoon but the message that it is trying to give out ♥♥♥

Now for the second thing.  It seemed like ages we went out, because of my health.  Infection is still staying on like an uninvited guest and the fever is also there, but considerably less.  Ritchie offered to take me out and I immediately hopped and got ready.  We went to a very nice restaurant and had a super big buffet.  I hogged, hogged and hogged spaghetti emoticon After days of soup and all that patient type food, I did not leave this chance.  Came back home and now it is past 7 in the evening and I still feel bloated and all I want to do is cut my stomach and take all that food out...seriously vomiting girl emoticon

That is also today's sin... Gluttony!!

Gluttony, my dear friends is when you stuff yourself with something you love.  Over indulgence or over consumption is what constitutes Gluttony.  Have you seen those people stuffing their plates with food at buffet restaurants or even at weddings and parties.  If that plate had a mouth it would yell, shout and scream. One may think how will they eat all this, but they sure can!! Not only at buffets, but even when we go out on a lunch or dinner, by the end of our main course we are full but still we crave for that dessert.  Other than deficiency in vitamin B or vitamin C, what causes this sort of behaviour is Gluttony!  Think about it, we stuff ourselves with all that food and then complain about not being able to breathe (yeah that is what I was doing today).  You know why that is a sin, someone else could have had that food, someone who was hungry and needed it.  We have had our fill, but no we have to stuff more 

Food is not the only area where we like to stuff ourselves, I believe.  Take a good look around us, and we will find lots of people who just like to acquire more and more.  People who make a decent living, have enough savings and are well settled in life, but give them a chance to make more money and they will jump into it.  Never mind if that means they would be spending less time with their families, or then they will not have breathing space in their lives, but still they will go and grab that opportunity.  It's like 'we have enough, but we want more' seems to be the motto of such people.  Hoarding lipsticks, nail polishes and other make up items is a good example of gluttony .  Not if we are using them though, but you know people who just buy for the sake of it and leave it lying in their dressing boxes...that is sinful.

What do we do about it then? Self Control is the name of the game.  Yes if you can go to an Italian restaurant and say no to a chocolate classic panna cotta because you are full then yayyyyy you have done it (and remember I said 'you' not 'me').  We all need to have a point where in life we can happily put a stopper and say 'ok that is enough.. I have it all'.  Because if we don't then how are we ever going to enjoy all the things that we have already in our lives.  In the pursuit of grabbing and hoarding more we would loose out on time to enjoy what we already have.  

Yes yes the one below is sexy too like the one yesterday, but remember people Sin always tries to tempt you sexy guy flirting smiley

Image Source:  Google Search

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  1. Gluttony is very common, na? Happens all the time with many of us and yet, we refuse to learn.

    1. yes we humans are very good at living in denial :)

  2. Loading plates with a big pile of food is a common sight during weddings and buffets at hotels etc. What I find amusing is that how can one eat the bhelpuri of all vegetables and dahibada and even sweets. There is always a second time and of course a second helping... But, no, may be that would had been the last time one got to eat!! ;)
    And stuffing yourself till esophagus and then experiencing discomfort... Funny! :D

    1. exactly shilpa.. free ka khana hai to dhabake kha lo.. that is how these people think...

  3. sigh!! I have a huge problem with this sin!! ;)
    I stuff myself sometimes, especially if the dish is one of my favorites!!
    Will power and self-control seem to go missing at times!! :P

    1. 'sometimes' :D :D .. but how do you feel after that is the criterion...if you feel fine and satisfied then no prob..once you start feeling guilty that's where the game turns...

  4. Hmmm :( You are all set out to make me a good girl huh!

  5. I agree on this Suni. I hate those who disrespect food.. If u hoard your plate like a garbage pile, how will you let the taste sink in and relish in it ..

  6. Hogging is never healthy . We should eat to live not vice versa . Get well soon Suku :-)

  7. Your post looks quite good but the lady again captures my attention :D :D and now hopping onto that comic strip madam has posted professionally. The other thing is this is my favourite sin :P


  8. im doing my best not to succumb to this sin...!! desperately trying to reduce my tummy and with a lot of difficulty im trying not to look at chocolates or pastries and everything else in that category!!!!

    the last time i really, really ate was at last year's ganesh chaturthi, the food was awesome, and after the meal, i felt exactly like u, that i could just cut off my tummy and remove all that food!

    1. hahahahahah... yeah that is really a challenge no? to stay away from food :D

  9. I know that feeling of wanting to rip open your stomach and taking all the food out! I once had 2.5 littis after having my usual lunch. (You might not be aware of them. They are the specialty of Bihari cuisine. Look them up on google.) I didn't realize that littis were as heavy and filling as stuffed parathas. I just gobbled them up like light starters. By the time they reached my tummy though, they'd absorbed a lot of water along the way, and boy! I felt like a water balloon, ready to burst! And the icing on the cake... Dad was so amused by my stupidity that he started laughing on my face instead of helping me out of my misery! :|


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