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Thursday, July 25, 2013

♥Happy Birthday♥

yayyyyyy It is Happy Birthday Time at SuKupedia today .. Yes dear readers our little SuKupedia turns a whole 3 today ♥♥♥ I had asked the chipmunks to say happy birthday SuKupedia but they forgot and just kept singing hmmm hmmm and hmmm .. but that's ok....

Three wonderful years of writing online.  Blogging has been completely unplanned and surprising, believe me.  You can read my first post and figure out how naive I was Smiley surprised 023.gif.  I was on facebook and a friend Remya posted her post and I happened to visit her blog for the first time.  I was quite impressed by what I saw and thought this would be really good to do.  I researched a bit online and found out that Blogger was quite easy. So started off with this post

Did you know I knew nothing about blogging seriously!! I only thought of it as an online journal in which people write their thoughts, that's it.  So after I started my blog, I had this urge to read more blogs and believe me I did not know how & where to find them.  So I would randomly search on google and did you know which was the first blog I followed?  This one by Rakesh, but he has stopped blogging now I guess Smiley unhappy 079.gif.  I then started following his readers and then it was a chain, from their blog and their readers.  After months I discovered various blogging communities where I could find more interesting blogs Smiley lol 010.gif

It was after 4 months that this blog received it's first comment from Haddock on this post Smiley lol 010.gif.  Oh I am telling you Ritchie's ears were bleeding that day, because I wouldn't just stop about how I got my first comment.  It's a shame I never visited this person's blog earlier, but I went there today just to see and woah! he has a good place Smiley lol 025.gif.  

It was 7 months and no one had still followed this blog.  So yeah I did the unspeakable, 'I followed my own blog' Smiley others 034.gif.  What?? I wanted to see how it looks like with a follower Smiley others 034.gif.  But that did not make me happy, I wanted more, so then (at gun point) my husband and my MIL both followed my blog Smiley lol 021.gif.  And then it happened, my first follower happened.  I had posted one technical question on Blogadda Forum and Purvesh Gada visited this post from that link on, 18th July 2011.  I got my first official follower about a year after I started this blog .  One year and that wait was finally over.  I got my first blogging reward also in that same month from Blogadda.  This post was picked up for 'Tangy Tuesdays' and friends believe me when I say even now I receive mails for this post.  People coming up with their engagement break up stories and it soooooo overwhelming you know.

SuKupedia has also had it's 'Celebrity' moments.  If you were a reader of Times of India then, I am guessing you would know Ritika Ramtri Kumar.  I have read her articles and now her school for training aspirants for the beauty crowns in India is a well known and reputed one.  In my wildest dreams I could not have hoped her to visit this blog This post has her comment  Smiley applause 003.gif

I have not done any book reviews or movie reviews, you know like most of the bloggers do in a very professional manner.  Tell you the truth I don't know how to review.  But there was this one author who really impressed me with her writing and her book also changed a lot for me.  So I simply put it on my blog. And after I had written it I just posted it on her facebook page.  That was like 2 years back.  Last month or so one fine morning I was checking my blog traffic stats and saw I had people visiting from her link.  I was curious why are people visiting from her website?  Went to see and this is what I saw, she listed my post on her website...and that too on the topSmiley applause 003.gif .  I could not believe it, I ofcourse thanked her and she as usual was very humble.  Rujuta Diwekar for those of you who don't know is a very celebrated nutritionist and a receipt of a lot of accolades.  

See the picture below.. this is how SuKupedia looked in the first year..very plain with my photo on it and that's it.

Then second year I gave it this look, a more prettier look....

It is because of SuKupedia that SuKu was born.  I have contributed to Tehelka magazine, Times of India, NRI matters and yesterday was the Funtoon Cartoons debut on Women's web.  As I look back and see all this, it is very very overwhelming you know Smiley chinese bow 005.gif

And all the above was only possible because of my God's Grace. It is His Grace that all you wonderful bloggers have accepted SuKupedia in their creative community.  I learn a lot and lot from all of you each day.  The bond that we have built is very special ♥.  My really wonderful readers you are the reason of my motivation.  You give this place its beauty, its strength and its color.  This blog would cease to exist without you.  I have waited a long time with patience for that first comment and first follower and I know what it means to have you... so on SuKupedia's third birthday all that she can do is humbly bow in front of you and say ... Thank you I love you Thank you very much.Smiley bowing 036.gif

My Posts Are The Spirit Of This Blog And Your Comments Are The Soul Of This Blog.

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  1. That is quite the milestone. Congratulations and happy birthday to your blog! I am so happy I found you here in cyberspace.


    1. Thank you Kathy ♥ and I am so very glad that you are one of my precious readers :)

  2. awesome :D Happy Birthday.. lets keep the parties coming every year

  3. Many Many Happy returns of The Day to SuKupedia :)
    Keep blogging!

  4. Happy birthday sUkUPEDIA ! Blow the three candles . I am still taking baby steps in the blogosphere and can identify wit your blog. In the beginning very few , say a handful of people used to visit my blog and each comment was no less than an Olympic Gold medal. I had unwillingly started with a poem and the first blog I visited was 'Outside the Kitchen Window' by Gayatri Aptekar whom I consider my Guru. Second blog visits were of Privy Trifles.SuKu , I hope one day , I too will celebrate 3rd birthday of my blog.All the best.

    1. Thank you Kalpana :) .. ofcourse you will reach bigger milestones... :)

  5. A very happy birthday, SuKupedia. I came here through Rujuta's webpage as well :) Your blog motivated me to start seriously writing mine as well.
    I have been going back and gradually reading all your previous entries. A few days ago, when you wrote about the indiblogger's award, I was not able to vote for you because one needed a facebook account for that. So, let me just copy here the feedback I wanted to put there:

    ``I like the humorous, witty and optimistic content of her blog. She shares her experiences in a way that hooks you instantly to the blog. Her blog reflects the personality of a very bright and confident person, who is very comfortable with herself and therefore with all who read her blog. She also personally replies to all comments on her blog posts and encourages interaction."

    1. That was such a lovely and generous comment Kaneenika :) Thank you very much ♥

  6. Happieee waaaala birthday to SuKupedia.:-) May you have more and more glorious years ahead of you. :')

  7. Congratulations Suku and your pedia :D... Wishing you all the best and more creativity for the years to come...

    1. awww thank you soooo much for all your patience with me ♥

  8. Though I came in quite late,I enjoyed reading every post here.
    My best wishes on the 3rd

  9. Congrats SuKu. I feel like giving you a huge hug and a kiss... Muaaah. There :)
    Ok serious now, I started following your blog more than a year back and we started visiting each other's blogs and commenting(I was pregnant then and now my daughter is a year old, so yes, we go a long way back :)). I feel as if I know you from a long time and it's only because of your posts which are 'direct dil se' :)
    Happy Birthday to your blog and I just hope that one day somewhere we meet up personally.
    P.S: I liked the way you remembered each post, the dates, the related memories. That's SuKu :)

    1. awww here hugs back to you and mmmuuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh .. thank you for being such a lovely reader Prasanna, it's been really that long eh?

      We will surely meet someday♥♥

  10. Happy birthday SuKupedia. :-)

  11. Hi.. Its been quite a long journey for all us too to see where you are today. Thank God you mentioned how you have tortured all of us to read ur earlier days lousy blogs.. if nt I would have for sure...although you have mentioned abt me in ur introductory to blog expo as a bribe hehehe.. :-) and today there you are shining like a super star exactly as how I have admired you.. I need to first congratulate you for your journey all through this way by being just the you are.. simple.. sweet.. strong and witty.. way to go girl.. looking forward to lot more to come. Lov u doll...!!

  12. WOW! Sukupedia had a birthday during the UBC! That is awesome! And I'm reading this now... more than a month later! [slaps forehead] Well belated happy birthday to your blog!

    If it's any consolation, it took me over 1.5 years of blogging just to install the followers gadget on my blog! I had about 7-9 regular readers of my blog in all those years! :P


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