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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Perfect Road Trip: ♥A Birthday On The Roads♥

This entry is written for The Perfect Road Trip Sponsored by Facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia at IndiBlogger 

Image Source:  Indiblogger

'Amma this is Mani watchman, your friends are waiting down' I heard the watchman of the hostel say as he knocked slowly on my door.  I rubbed my eyes and switched on the table lamp and took a look at the time, it was 5 in the morning.  I had gone to sleep really late after my birthday celebrations at 12.  'Who the hell wants to meet me at this time?' I thought.  I wore my slippers, took my mobile and opened the door.  

At the reception were 2 of my really close friends Bharat and Vishy.  They looked extremely chirpy for 5am in the morning.  

Me:  What happened guys?
Bharat:  Come let's go
Me:  Errr...where exactly are we going?
Vishy:  Aare it's your birthday no, so let's go to Pondicherry.
Me:  Are you kidding me?  Now? we will go now?
Bharat:  Yes madam we are leaving now.

Saying this he just pulled me by my arm.  

Me:  Wait atleast let me brush, take a shower and change.  I am stinking people
Vishy:  Oh don't worry we have Ambi Pur in the car, so your stench won't bother

As we reached Bharat's car, a shiny dark blue Hyundai Accent, I saw another figure in the car.  I opened the door and found Sri inside. Another visibly forced soul who looked like a zombie, was also in her night dress.  She sighed as she saw me and raising her hands in desperation said, 'Don't ask me, not my idea'.  It is then I noticed that even Vishy was in his night suit.  So obviously this was the nut Bharat's idea.  Anyways I got into the car in my pink frilled night suit.  Once the car started me and Sri dozed off.  Yes dozed off because that is what girls in night suits are supposed to do at 5 in the morning... sleep!!sleeping smiley face emoticon

Image Source:  donnicolo.wordpress.com

After about an hour, I looked out of the windows and realized we were about to reach the ECR roads.  My stomach was growling.  'Does this nonsense trip include breakfast or you just specialize in hijacking people into such trips' I asked Bharat sort of irritated.  He laughed and said, 'It's your birthday sweetie ofcourse we will eat' and then in another 5 minutes he stopped and we entered a small not so good looking coffee shop.  We ordered idlis and upma.  After the tummy was full this trip did not seem all that bad to me.  Yeah full stomach has its advantages .  The waiter appeared with the bill.  Bharat took a look at the bill and told the waiter, 'Sir what if we told you we did not have money to pay'.  The waiter sheepishly smiled at him.  We too joined in with our smiles.  'No sir we seriously do not have any money' said Bharat again.  When I saw the look on Bharat's face I freaked out.  Obviously we girls were not carrying anything other than our phones and Vishy also looked like he did not have his wallet (who keeps wallet in their night suit), so we were counting on Bharat to have some money, since this trip was his brilliant idea after all!!  I went closer to Bharat and asked, 'You are kidding right? You have money?' Bharat looked at me and said 'No, I don't'.  'It is my birthday and you  want me to go to jail for not paying this bill?? I shouldn't have come along with you guys' I screamed at him in a hushed tone.  The waiter understood that no body was joking here so he called his owner.  The owner came and gave us a look, trying to figure out where we came from.  He obviously thought we were running away from our homes wearing our night suits and the situation was also perfect, two boys and two girls.  'You have no money?' he asked.  Vishy said 'No sir'.  'Ok then keep your mobiles' the owner said not so nicely now.  Yes you heard it right, he asked our smart phones for 2 plates of idli and 2 plates of upma!!! 

After toying with him for about 10 minutes, Bharat took out his wallet and paid the money.  'What the hell were you thinking?' Sri screamed at him.  'Come on ya I was just having some fun' Bharat laughed and started towards his car.  We all joined in and kept laughing in the car, at the expressions of the waiter and the owner.  Just then Bharat screeched the car to a halt.  Thankfully all of us were wearing our seat belts.  'OMG! what happened?' asked Sri.  'There is a girl on the road' said Vishy.  We quickly got down from the car and saw a girl about 10 years lying on the road.  There was a pot of milk which lay near her.  'Did you hit her?' I asked Bharat.  'No no she was lying there before that' he said.  We looked around but nobody was around. Sri bought out a bottle of water from the car and we splashed it on the girl's face.  She did not wake up.  So we lifted her up and took her to the side of the road, and Bharat too drove the car to the side.  Just then Vishy saw a group of people coming towards us.  Apparently somebody had seen the girl lying there and went to inform in the colony that she lived.  As soon as the people saw us their looks changed.  We cleared our way and they started talking to the girl.  In between giving us cold weird looks.  'Yes' I thought 'We are the draculas in night suits'!!  

The girl was then fine in about 30 minutes.  We were about to leave when the girl's mother asked us to have coffee with them.  The little girl also insisted.  They were feeling grateful that we took care of the girl.  So we went to their colony and had some good home made dosa and chutney with coffee and this time we really didn't have to pay.  While having breakfast Vishy told Mariama (yes that was the name of the little girl) that it was my birthday.  She came to me and wished me happy birthday in the most cutest way ever ♥.  As we were about to leave, Mariama rushed inside and got me a handmade doll and said it was a gift for my birthday.  I took that doll and asked her what was the name of the doll?  She said 'Barbie'.  'Well this is how our own Tamil Barbie looks' I thought and smiled.  We left the colony to resume our road trip.

Image Source:  mithunonthe.net

When we reached the car, I told Bharat 'I don't know what else this trip holds for us'.  We all got in and the trip resumed.  The cool breeze on the ECR was fabulous.  The beautiful Tamil songs playing in the car with wonderful view of the sea, I was finally loving this trip.  We reached Pondicherry and had a full day of fun and frolic at the beach.  Had super great lunch and started our way back home in the evening.  On our way back it was about 7pm.  We reached the Adyar post.  There was a policeman on patrol.  I looked at him and pitied.  He looked rather sternly at us and stopped our car.  'Where are you people coming from?' he asked.  'Sir we are coming back from Pondicherry' said Vishy.  Just then I don't know what came over me, I looked at the policeman and asked, 'Sir do you know where is Brigade Road? I think we are lost'.  All three of my friends stopped breathing and looked at me stunned  .  One, because Brigade Road was in Bangalore and not in Chennai and second, because this was a policeman I was messing with.  The policeman stared at the sky for some time and said, 'Aaa Ok you go straight and take a left from signal you will reach Brigade Road, I think'.  'Thank you Sir'  I said holding my chuckle really hard as Bharat drove off.  

We were all laughing so hard that at a point I thought my breath would stop.  Go straight and take left for Brigade Road it seems .  Bharat stopped in front of my hostel gate.  As we got down from his Accent, everyone hugged me and wished me happy birthday once again.  Bharat then asked, 'So did you or did you not like this trip?'  and he looked quite proud of himself.  'Well' I said, 'What was there not to like about this trip huh?.  It was my birthday and I am still in my night dress, I almost ended up going to jail, I got a Tamil version of Barbie as gift and now I also know that there is Brigade Road in Chennai' .  This sure is the most memorable trip I have ever had♥♥♥  

Image source:  www.albertsons.com

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  1. A very enjoyable read. This is what a perfect road trip supposed to be. Well written Suku!! Best of luck for the contest :)

  2. lol, not sure if I would even answer the door in my night dress so you were a lot braver than me. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. hehehehe yeah I guess I just got too curious to see who was down to meet me at 5 O_O

      yes a nice weekend here with the heat a little less...

  3. Hi,This is my first visit here.Will come back and comment on last few posts

    1. Thank you for your visit and welcome to SuKupedia :) :) hope you like it here :)

  4. Uff..how many posts in a day Suku? I have a question, are you some kind of adventure-magnet or something? You are in one or the other kind of adventure always. :)

    Lovely narration SuKu. I absolutely loved this write up. Am off to complete mine, now that they have extended the dates.:)

    1. hahahah.. ya what to do adventures find me very friendly :P :P

      Poo you know you won't believe but I wrote this post at 2 in the night...as you can see in the timing above.. i was not feeling sleepy and I sneaked out of the bedroom...was simply going around blogs and on Prasanna's blog saw this competition and got myself to write one... 20 min and the post was ready...

      And now they have extended the dates :( .. but good for you... start writing fast...

  5. Haha this was one hilarious trip and a memorable b'day :-) Now even I want to go on a road trip for my next B'day...

    1. yes you should go but make sure you change your dress ok.. night dress can really get you wierd looks :P :P

  6. Very well written my dear :)

    Fictional or real?

    1. Thank you Smita :) .. no no it is real... :D :D


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