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Monday, July 22, 2013

University Named Life & Teacher Named Stranger!

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Javat banchi tavat shikhi; As long as I live, so long do I learn - Sri Ramakrishna

We live in a society where we are made to believe that Education is something that comes wrapped in textbooks and a knowledgeable person is one who has been taught at a huge university.  I consider this as a partial belief.  Schools and colleges are an important part of making us literate, but will it educate us is the question.  Do we really use what we learn from these books, or are they just mugged up to score marks? What about the learning process, does it stop once you leave your school? In my opinion no, the learning process does not stop.  Whether we are admitted to a big school or not, our admissions into the 'University of Life' is confirmed once we take birth in this world.

On one of our usual shopping trips, I and my husband were waiting at the crossing to cross.  Traffic on the road was light that afternoon.  The signal was still red.  Lot of people were waiting to cross.  Since the traffic was light some of them were just crossing the road, after checking for vehicles.  They were probably in a hurry to get back to office after their lunch break.  Some of the people waiting at the crossing were still contemplating whether to cross or not.  As and when they decided they were crossing the roads.  We were also among the ones who were contemplating.  There was a mother with her two young kids standing next to us.  The kids were getting impatient and were tugging their mother's hands to cross the road.  The mother who got visibly irritated, told them very sternly that they cannot cross the road till the signal turns 'GREEN'. The kids who wouldn't quit trying, pointed to the people crossing the road and asked, 'Why are they crossing then?' The mother seemed to be tight lipped and did not have an answer.  When we heard this, we felt embarrassed and in our hearts thanked God that we had not crossed the roads yet. Our contemplation ended and we stood back and did not cross the road.  When the signal turned green we crossed along with few others and with the mother and her kids.

A very big lesson I learnt that day from that situation, that as a citizen of this world I am responsible for every child's upbringing with my public behaviour. How often we blame parents for not bringing up their children well, but have we ever thought that as a society we play a part too? Children learn from us too, we are socially responsible for them!!

I don't think anyone is able to graduate in the University of Life, because the learning process is life long.  As long as we live we learn something each day.  Yes but there are exams for sure.  Exams and tests where you can put to use what you have learnt in this University.  But how do you learn in this University you may ask.  We learn through circumstances, people around us; some known to us others strangers, like the kids in our case.  Yes most of the lessons in life are taught by Strangers, they become our teachers.  But here is the catch, just like in your classroom in school when teachers teach you and you have to pay attention, similarly in the University of life when a Stranger is your teacher you need to have an open heart along with open eyes and open ears to learn.  If you don't then it will be just any other stranger who just walked past you and you did not notice.  Hence you have lost on one lesson in life and I tell you with experience that the lesson lost could have been very well used in your own life.

Image Source:  forgotston.com via Google Search

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  1. SuKu, very inspiring post. The lessons learnt at the signal is valuable. Nobody has graduated from the University of life as it is a ongoing leaning process. Very right.All the best for the contest.

    1. Thank you Kalpana.. it was a very valuable lesson for us.. we have become extremely careful when we are around kids now.. with our language and behaviour..

  2. That's really good on part of that lady. We have to set examples. We are often tempted but always do what is right.

    Good Luck Suku :)

    1. thank you Saru.. yeah she was doing it because she was their mother.. but look at us no..ready to jump signals... learnt a big lesson that day

  3. Very well said SuKu, we constantly learn from the University of Life via things that we see or circumstances we come across and it's upto an individual how they implement it in their lives. Some of us may not even notice it, some may acknowledge it but never implement it in their own lives and a few of them will actually put it to practice in their own lives and actually gain from it. Thank you for sharing this :)

    1. You said it gal.. very true :) .. I am glad you liked the post :)

  4. I would give credit to the kid for asking that question.
    I would give credit to those parents who have been brining up the kid with values of life

    1. Absolutely... parents really do a good job of bringing up their kids.. but as a society our role cannot be ignore either...

  5. Liked how you put it... "University of life" indeed.
    And it's so true... we get so caught up in being adults and in making it through the rat race that we forget all our actions are constantly being recorded in young impressionable minds. We don't even realize what sort of example we might be setting for the kids around us. And then we blame our government!


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