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Friday, August 9, 2013

55 Fiction : Love And Mystery

This is my first try at 55 Fiction.  Yes, I am terrified!!  Thanks to this article here on Write Tribe, I have tried my hands on it and I have no idea how it has turned out...but I pretty much like it :D :D.  The genre given was love and mystery.  I tried both.  (yes over ambitious & greedy for the first time :P )

Time had changed both of them.
Grey hairs, wrinkled faces, thinner hands, eyes deeper.
He poured the wine and they raised the glasses to toast their wedding day. 
Cut the cake which read ‘Happy 45th’. As he fed her a slice, she shyly smiled. 
Two things that had not changed, her smile and his love.

She was woken up from her sound sleep
By the sound of the main door knob.
'Honey is that you?' she asked
'Hmmm' he said
‘Don’t put on the lights, am sleeping’ she said
He came closer and touched her cheeks
She touched and caressed his hand back,
But why was his hand so hairy??

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  1. Good attempts Sunita. I am terrified of attempting fiction. I even stay away from reading fiction on blogs that ways. But I do, if it is by my favourite bloggers.

    1. :) I am so glad you read it .. I was so nervous writing it :D

  2. Good one SuKu! Way to go..looks interesting, I should try sometime. :)

    1. Hey sure you should try.. i have linked Write tribe na just follow that .. it's a very interesting community...

  3. You did great Suku... I especially love the first one. I shall give it a little spin :)

    1. thank you shanique :) .. you should try i would love to read :)

  4. Great job, SuKu! I liked the second one better, but that's probably because I enjoy mystery more than love :P

    I had a good time reading some more posts while browsing here.

    Thank you for responding to the prompt!

    1. Thank you Vidya :) I am glad you liked it (phew)..

      Happy you visited :)

  5. Both are of course good. But the second one has a very elusive end to it. Me likes the hairy guy :P


    1. thank you .. coming from you it is a huge compliment :) :) .. yes I know you like everything sinful :P :P


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