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Friday, August 16, 2013

♥ Nothing Beats Her, Nothing Breaks Her ♥

This post is being written as a part of 'As Beautiful As Your Work' sponsored by Tanishq.

"Come on Ma don't wait for your retirement, just quit and join us", this is the standard line whenever we talk to my mother-in-law.  When I read about this concept by Tanishq, As Beautiful As Your Work, the only woman I could think of was her.  She is undoubtedly beautiful (as you can see from her picture), but the reason she is as beautiful as her work, is because she works at a publicly held Insurance Company, a place which is full of grievances all the time.   

Psst Psst: pictures secretly clicked but used with her permission :P

This job has been her bread and butter for years now.  She lost her husband when her son (my husband) was just six years old.  Close to that the Kashmir Exodus happened, when she had to flee from her home with her son. Thankfully she got placed in the Jammu office.   It wasn’t easy to re-start a life, when she had lost her home and her husband.   Since then her job has supported her and her son.  This is the place where she made new friends and where she learnt to use computers.  She put her son through school, engineering and MBA with the help of this job.  She built her own house with this job.  Contrary to the popular belief that government employees survive on bribe, she never had to do this to sustain her family.  Her job then was a necessity for her, but today it is more of an enjoyment.  

I have seen some foolish people say to her 'Oh come on take a holiday, you are not the PM', to which she just smiles. But that's the thing, she is not the PM and hence she has no cabinet of ministers to help her.  My Ma is a Single Woman Cabinet, totally approachable and always has an answer to everyone's problems.   She recently changed her office and her previous office colleagues and boss really had a hard time relieving her.  Her new boss had to put in some special efforts so that she could join his office immediately.  It was a like a tug of war between two offices for her.  While she was amused at all that, we as her kids were very proud.  Obviously, who doesn't want to have the best employee in their office, right?  We all know how government offices function and what amenities they have.  So it’s not like she has an AC cabin or a great canteen, for that matter even the cup of tea they get comes from a local chai wala.  But the enthusiasm she shows to go to work in the morning, feels like she is going to a fun fare.  ‘Why do you have to go to office everyday Ma?’ I often crib, ‘There are lot of people waiting for me there’ is her usual answer. 

You are in every aspect my Mia woman Ma.. Intricate but Strong, Modern yet Traditional, Delicate yet Confident ♥♥

Psst Psst: pictures secretly clicked but used with her permission :P

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  1. Loved your post. So heartwarming. She truly seems to be the woman of substance :-)

  2. Well written about a women with lot of substance.
    Keep it up.
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

  3. Touching... Give my regards to her :)

  4. Hey,I love all your blog topics. Simple but authentic & interesting to read.
    You are one lucky soul, to have a MIL like her. Nowadays hardly any DIL can write few words of goodwill for In-laws or vice-a –versa, though am blessed with good people around. So no complaints!!

  5. What an inspiring story! It is amazing how she rebuilt her life and how enthusiastically she performs her duties everyday. She is a true Karma Yogi.
    It is also so nice to see a heartfelt and loving post from a daughter-in-law about her mom-in-law :)

  6. Lovely post.. Really inspired with the sincerity with which she works.. She looks so graceful.. I like the word "single woman cabinet".. Shows how much of a multitasker, caregiver and problem solver she is.. You are indeed lucky to have her.. Thanks for sharing your story.. Keep writing..!!

  7. Awww, I have tears in my eyes. I can feel the love you both share. I am sure she is as proud of you as you are of her. And yes, she is beautiful!

  8. hats off to ur MIL and to u too. and may the love and bonding u share always grow.

  9. She is indeed a remarkable woman!! Loved the way you have written about her :)

  10. In many ways your MIL's story is very similar to my mother's :) She is indeed a wonderful lady :)

  11. That is so inspiring.. :).. loved the way you have expressed it..

  12. Wonderful dedication to your MIL! She truly is a remarkable lady!


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