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Friday, August 23, 2013

Will anything ever change???

I opened this post with an intention of writing down my fury over the Mumbai gang rape case.  But what do I write? What difference does it make?  Everything that I want to write has been said from last evening in all the media channels and news papers.

Does it make any difference at all that the nation would protest after every such incident?  During the Delhi rape case the nation protested on the streets, some commission was appointed, there were debates on tv channels, suddenly there was an upsurge in self defence classes for women and what was the outcome of all that....nothing.. absolutely nothing.  Jyothi Pandey, the victim died because of all the internal injuries.  Her family got a house in Delhi from the government, they also got money from Jyothi's college and various other organisations.  The name of this Delhi rape victim was first published in UK mirror and there was a lot of speculation that Jyothi Pandey's family got a hefty sum for that.  I know many call her the fighter, the survivor and what not... but I refuse to call her all that.... she was a gang rape victim... and no other term fits.  Let's not forget the outcome of a national protest was also a kind of mango being named after the victim.  Yes there is now actually a mango which is called 'Nirbhaya'.

One would think the law makers would come out with stricter laws which would discourage such kind of incidents.  But no, contrary to that even after the death of Jyothi Pandey, her murderers are still to be brought to trial.  How would anything change?  Will anything ever change? The political parties who protested during the Delhi rape incident seem to have forgotten all about it in their daily political agenda.  All of us have moved on with our lives.  But this morning our lives took a brief halt just to ponder over all these issues once again after the Mumbai rape case.  Tomorrow we will all move on and then some other case will come up and then another outrage and another halt.  Should we even hope for a change???  I don't know, there is so much anger in me, but what is the use of asking questions like, out of the 5 accused in the Mumbai rape case 4 already had rape cases against them, so what were they doing on the open streets?? or why did ABP News this evening delete their tweet in which they had named all the 5 accused of the Mumbai gang rape??? see the tweetpics below

So what will be the outcome of all this protest and outrage?  Will anything still change or we will have another fruit named after the Mumbai gang rape victim??? 


  1. Why wouldn't the government get those names deleted? They'll otherwise loose a huge number of votes from that particular community. Anything and everything just sums up to votes for our politicians who must be actually engaged in punishing the accused irrespective of their caste, creed or region. I won't be surprised if suddenly all news about this Mumbai rape case go off air. The media too is not behaving responsibly. They are such a powerful medium, yet have stooped down to such unfilthy acts.

  2. I agree with what you say, Sunita. I too feel this sense of impotent outrage and I am ashamed that in less time than it takes to write this, everyone, including me, gets on with their lives.
    And really there is no difference between Delhi and Mumbai. All places are equally tainted by non-existent law and order and a patriarchal mindset that sees women as objects.
    Cynthia Rodrigues M

  3. In this patriarchal society the perpetrators of the crime are men, the law-makers are men, there is no sensitivity around. stricter laws, like in Middle East , have to framed and implemented that so person can even think of committing this crime.

  4. You know my angst is so much against these increasing crimes that I prefer to keep mum on these issues now, not because I have nothing to say, but because, whatever I say doesn't really matter and I hate the fact that something as horrendous as rapes are still prevalent.

  5. you think anything will change? I honestly have given up on India. The best I can advice you is to do the same. This country has gone to the dogs over the last few years. People like these rapists are only emboldened... in todays IBN, I saw a news that one of the rapists school certificate is already being examined to determine whether he is a minor. They havent even caught him yet but already his ticket to freedom is ready. With this kind of loopholes, you think India will prosper.

  6. Like some one said, the law in this country is an ass.
    I just can't understand how and why the Delhi rape case is still dragging on when the victim has given all the required testimony, the lone witness has identified all the five accused. It is a simple open and shut case. Justice should have been done long ago.

  7. Honestly, nothing will change. All of us will get on with our lives. Don't forget we are used to living in this world where women court trouble all the time. We have been conditioned since forever to accept it as our 'situation'. And frankly, we will be back to our 'business' negotiating our daily lives, looking over our shoulders while walking a deserted road, calling up family to escort us back to the safety of our homes, and so on and so forth. I have lived and worked in Mumbai and I would still say Mumbai is 'relatively' safer than any other city in India. May be Mumbai is the safest city in India, and I know when I say this, I am admitting that it is a poor benchmark but that is the truth, isn't it?

  8. There is no easy answer to this issue. Things will change, when we the people can change our mind set..

    And that will take time..

  9. Oh dear!

    Will I sound pessimist of the worst order if I say I do not believe in men, their intentions and justice at all? There are all kinds in this world, some who would go to any length to make a woman happy, but they do not get any attention or respect and then there are the kind who would just go rape and still walk free. I do not really understand how does this world even function.

    A mango called Nirbhaya? :/

  10. With every rape incidents, Govt starts making claim as if it was the last one. But there is hardly a gap of only few hours and u get to hear about another one. It seems never ending thing in India.

  11. No. Our blogs and tweets outraging the incident would not be effective as it might calm our soul but it might not even stir the hearts of such heartless people. The individual thinking has to change. It has to start from one person. The change will take time, but it will happen.


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