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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Familyessential Course!!

For sometime now the below picture has been doing rounds on the Internet.  This has really got on to my nerves for obvious reasons, you would know when you read the advert.  No, don't get me wrong.  I am completely in favour of girls being taught how to efficiently handle a kitchen or home.  There is nothing wrong in that, afterall girls learn how to operate a fighter plane and war ships, how difficult can operating a kitchen equipment be?

Just click on the picture to view it on a larger screen

My point is why is this class only for 'Girls'?? Traditionally we were made to understand that Husbands would earn money and Wives would manage the house.  But in today's world when a woman is equally and sometimes earning more than her husband and putting in equal hours of work outside her home, why shouldn't a man be equally responsible towards his home? Anyways if you start writing on this topic you can write pages and pages on it and still the argument won't end.  But sometimes pictures do a better job.  So I made an advert in reply to the above one.  

Just click on the picture to view it on a larger screen

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  1. what a load of shit that advertisement is!! brideessential? seriously? Bah!!

    and kudos to you for that really clever and fitting reply with the maa ka laadla thing....now THIS is the real need of the hour!

  2. "how to go to sleep when your wife says no to sex?"
    WHAAA.... What sorcery is this? BLASPHEMY, I tell you !!

  3. Good to see you back SuKu. :) I can't believe that a teacher who spoke of women empowerment in the show endorses such a course!

  4. ROFL at Roshan's comment :D Anyway nice course. Well of course kitchen training should be given to boys !

  5. The ad is so appalling!! Napkin folding!! ed laying!! :|
    And your course is a perfect answer to that! Men in India badly need this course.

  6. That's a perfect response to that nasty ad. :-D

  7. You have hit the nail on its head...well done :)

  8. Wow Sunita, I am impressed by the course you are proposing, but can't say that for the other ad. But I never noticed this. May be I just ignored it. Having said that, it is also true that it is a reality in several households in India. They are just trying to make money out of such mindset. I am sure there would be takers for this course.

  9. Suku.. Kindly include " how to do simple, basic household chores like folding clothes, bed sheets etc" in the curriculum!!!
    Almost all men need to take this; mamma's boy or not!

  10. Thanks for that groomessential ad :)
    Loved it totally but U know there r few men who do all that and of course it goes with out saying they r adorable


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