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This blog was born out of my desire to talk.  The day I started this blog I was feeling very lonely and did not have anyone to share my thoughts.  Yes they all ran away scared of my blabs.  I chanced upon a friend's blog and thought I too should do it.  Basically I decided to torture some poor souls online, with all my opinion about everything under the sun and sometimes I also have an opinion on things above the sun. (yes I am the cause of the heat wave- sun is pretty angry).  

Since it is not a theme based blog, and I blog about anything, I thought of it as an Encyclopedia.  Now I obviously could not keep that name, so I just used the first two letters of my name and surname - SUnita KUrup and made it into SuKupedia (I know I can be really intelligent).  

After 7 months of blogging, when no one followed my blog, I decided to follow my own blog (I know, desperate).  Two days later my husband and my MIL both followed my blog out of love for me (read: at gunpoint).  I will not lie saying that I write for myself and I don't want readers.  No I write for myself but I also want people to read it and comment or discuss it.  Hence after 1 year of blogging when I had about 60 followers and only 2 comments on each post, I knew I did not want followers but I needed genuine 'Readers'.  Taking it from there I started building a strong relationship with the blogger community.  I totally love my online family now ♥♥♥


  1. This is true. U shud have readers rather than just followers. This made me unfollow many :)
    Good to bump in to ur blog yet again. Hoping to read more and not jst follow
    Good lck !
    Love ur style of writing


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