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  1. Hi Suku, I like your new templete. I think you have been medidating in the himalayas because I don't see you very often in the blogsphere :). !!! Good to see you back among us!

    1. Yes I am guilty of neglecting the blog for a while...but I am back now...sort of from the Himalayas :D :D.. your words are always encouraging Meera... please do keep coming :) :)

  2. Hi, came here through Rujuta's webpage. Very nice blog and hope to read more from you. Following you.

    1. Thank you Kaneenika :) welcome to Sukupedia :).. hope to see you more often and do read the posts and let me know your comments :)

  3. Hello,

    Coming here the first time after seeing your comment on my blog "Musings" .
    Trying to familiarise with your style of blogging. See you.

    1. Hello Anil, welcome to SuKupedia :) .. thanks for coming by.. I hope you like what you see here :)

  4. I am into blogs for the very first time and i kinda liked it. Ur birthday roadtrip is the first blog i ever read and i think this will pull me into blogs. Thanks is the word i would like to say. Now comes the question. Have u really registered your name SuKupedia? like it says trade mark?
    You can expect me in here often from now onwards. Atleast till i finish reading all your blogs

  5. Thank you Ethon for visiting SuKupedia :) :) .. I am glad you liked my posts.. : ):) really humbled by your words :)

    Yes I have really registered that name 'SuKupedia' :)


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