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FAQs ♥

"I am different and my manner invites questions I am never afraid to answer" - Marlee Martin

1)  OMG!! Is that you in the picture?
A)     Yes only my face.. rest is morphed 

2)  Why this FAQ page?
A)     To answer questions like this one 

 3)  Why ‘SuKupedia’
A)     My name cut short – SUnita KUrup, and yes SuKupedia and Wikipedia are long lost siblings duh!! 

4)  What is 'SuKupedia' all about?
A)     Anything that comes to my mind and I feel like publishing 

5)  Is your blog a mirror of your life and thoughts?
A)     Not really, its only the part I wish to showcase.  I decide what others should see 

6)  You don’t seem to be a writer to me, why??
A)     Next Question please 

7)  Why do you brag about your appreciation & rewards?
A)     I love being appreciated 

8)  Why do you have to moderate comments?
A)     I cannot control everything in my life, but this page I will have what I wish to, only my rules 

9)  Can I use the ‘F’ word while I comment?
A)     Sure go ahead, I love Fish 

10)  Aarey no, the other ‘F’ word ;)?
A)       Oh you mean that ‘EF’!! Well, you see this is a non-abusive blog, but then it depends on what you are trying to convey.  I may or may not publish it.  But since you are an intelligent reader I assume that you have a non offensive vocabulary  

11)  So you feel offended by abusive comments?
A)        Yes I do, but more offensive are comments like, ‘LOL’, ‘Good one’, ‘Nice Post’ etc., and the only Smiley ones are more irritating, what am I supposed to understand from one smiley 

12)  Do you judge people who use offensive words?
A)       I have never been perfect enough to judge others & I strongly believe in Free Will 

13)  What if I still send abusive comments?
A)        I will tell Dolly Bindra and Pooja Mishra 

14)  I will follow you, will you follow me back?
A)        No Scratching Backs please, I prefer using Itch Guard 

15)  Why are you so arrogant?
A)        No, I am not, I am just patient.  The first follower to my blog after 7 months it was started was me, yes you heard it right, I followed my own blog just to see how it looks like to have a follower.  Then I got married and my husband and MIL followed (on gun point ofcourse).  The follower list that you see happened only in last 6-8 months and after I put up the ‘NO SCRATCHING’ notice, 64 more followed.  So you see there are serious writers and readers out there 

16)  Does that mean you will not visit my blog?
A)       Ofcourse not, I will visit and if I like what you write I promise to stay there till you keep me entertained.   Reading is my passion you see 

17)  If you don’t follow me does that mean I am not a good writer?
A)        Are you serious!!! NO, it just means my reading taste is different  

18)  If I unfollow you will you do the same?
A)        No, never.  Not unless I stop enjoying your blog 

19)  If you get an award will you please please share it with me?
A)        Seriously I can’t believe you asked this 

20)  Will you keep updating this FAQ page?
A)       Yes looks like I will have to, since the world is filled with curious people 

21)  I honestly think this FAQ page was too much of drama!!
A)       You came till the last one no? that means you are a survivor Clapping Smiley


  1. I love the new look of your blog and this FAQ page totally rocks!!

  2. if i stop writing on my blog will you unfollow me? :D

  3. @ Poo: thx :) :)

    @ Skywalker: heheh YES.. so start writing soon :D :D

  4. haha this one is cool and hey woh pic thoda daraavna hai. actually cats have that kind of eerie presence :)
    the Q & A - mast hai
    # 6 and # 19 ....i am still laughing

  5. @ SuJu: ha yaar cats are really scary....19 ok.. 6 wala everyone keeps asking it ya :(

  6. Quite humorous. How your follower list increased dramatically...appeals to me.

  7. Ah... This Page reminds me of famous kannada writer BiChi, :) if u have time do some research and find out more about him :D

    :) and here u go with your fav comment:


  8. @Ramya.. this page reminded u of Bichi??? after researching on him I am going to take it as a compliment and hence forgive you for all those sign comments :P :P

  9. i am new to your blog and the faq's was fun to read and different from other blogs..

  10. @nameless blogger: welcome to Sukupedia :)..glad u liked it...just visited ur page and liked the way u write :)

  11. how do i follow you on?i mean here at blogspot?i don't find the link anywhwere..:D

  12. on the right side there is this 'join this site' u got to click on that..

  13. Found your profile via Google when I was digging for some info on a movie on Kashmir and then saw this FAQ. This FAQ is extremely funny and some of the questions were ROTFL. I can't believe ppl ask you to follow back if they follow your profile. I thought that used to happen on FB and TW.

    Let me guess, your fav song is "Aaeeyaee Ya Karun Main Kya Sukku Sukku", right? Now where is my prize?

    Finally, I think if you were to grow some tresses and streak them here and there then you would look like ... ahem ... Shehnaz Hussain. Ok I know this nullifies the prize you owed to me.

    1. Yaanni I think I missed replying to this comment I am sorry :(


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